Bridge Farm Day Nurseries

Bridge Farm Day Nurseries

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Daily life at our nurseries is child-led and fun. Our nurseries follow the same ethos, which is to offer our children both structured and child-led learning and play.

We follow the current guidelines set down by the Government in the Early Years Foundation Stage and we have enthusiastic practitioners that are experienced in using every opportunity to give the child a meaningful learning experience and develop play into learning.

We value each child individually and allow them to develop at their own pace. We believe outdoor learning is essential to your child’s well-being and we encourage our children to explore our well-equipped outdoor learning environment as much as possible.

All our activities are chosen so that the are challenging but above all fun. Every child also has access to a quiet area where they can play quietly or have a story read to them.

We are also lucky enough to offer all of our babies a separate sleep room away, ensuring good quality, undisturbed sleep.