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Bridge Farm July Newsletter


Staff news

We would like congratulate Vicci in barn owls on her recent pregnancy; this will be Vicci’s second child and a sibling for Alexa. Vicci is due early December and we’ll keep parents updated on staffing and key persons nearer the time of Vicci’s leave date

We would like to wish Chloe the best of luck in her next adventure. Chloe worked here for over a year and completed her apprenticeship with us and qualified with her level 2 in childcare.

Room News


We are still working on our under the sea theme in our role play area, making lots of sea creatures like octopus and jelly fish. There has been lots of counting and sensory experiences too.

We will be doing lots of summer crafts and where possibly making a beach theme with sand and water outside in the garden. We would still like to do a holiday board so we can discuss the different places we all like to visit throughout the summer. If possible we would love to see your holiday snaps and share with the children; these can be sent via email if easier.

We also plan to do some cooking activities with the babies. So look out for some tasty bites that they may bring home.


Lambs Room

We will be changing our doctor’s surgery into a beach hut as our role play area. The children will be participating in beach theme activities, including making a surf board picture book, where you might find a few of our lambs catching some waves.

We will have some tents outside on the nicer days so the children can chill out and look at some books or play with the toys out of the sunshine. We will be having some teddy bear picnics and maybe even an ice cream parlour.

We will also be discussing how to manage our feelings and how some actions may make us feel, we will incorporate this with our golden rules too.


Owls Room

We have now opened a garden centre as our role play area and the children are really enjoying serving their friends at the till. We have been planting some seeds and watching how they change when we water them.

Our caterpillars have now grown into beautiful butterflies and have been set free. The children enjoyed watching them fly away.

We will be doing mini sports days as some of the children’s siblings have been discussing this at home which has inspired the owls to do their own. We’ll be doing sack races, egg and spoon races, balancing games and lots more sporty events.


We are turning our role play area into a theatre. So we will all be discussing all of our different talents and what the children would like to do.

We are also discussing about holidays and the different places we all visit.

We will be doing some food tasting at snack times to try some new and exciting foods.

In the next few weeks we will be preparing for the graduation and saying goodbye and good luck to our school leavers.


We will be holding a graduation for all the children leaving to go to big school on Saturday 6th August 10.30am-12pm. This will involve a small presentation from the children, and a cake and drink at the end. Please fill out the form and return to the pre-school room if you are able to attend.


Big school children

If your child is due to start school in September please let us know their leaving date by giving us a months’ notice. If your child is all year round funded and you leave before 2nd September your bill may need adjusting and credited back to your account.


Queen’s 90th Birthday. We raised a fantastic…£108 for our cracker jacks charity. Thank you to everyone who made and brought he cakes and for dressing up in red white and blue. Lambs and Owls sent pictures to the Queen for her birthday and we got a very special reply, these can be seen in the picture frames in the lobby.


Warmer weather

Please could we ask that parents provide suitable clothing such as named sun hat, shoes and clothing. Children will have access to the outside area for the majority of the day and will be going out in all weathers. We do provide our own sun cream which is Garnier Amber Solaire factor 30+ or 50+. If your child has sensitive skin and you wish to provide their own then please bring some in, with your child’s name on.


Sainsbury’s active vouchers

We managed to raise a fantastic amount of 2,112 vouchers to put towards outside toys for across the nursery. Thank you for everyone who donated these and for the staff who counted them for me.


Learning Journeys – Please ask your child’s key person if you would like to look at your child’s learning journey. These will also be sent home with your child’s 4month report enabling you to look through your child’s development; they will need to be signed out and can be borrowed for a short period


A parent’s guid.e to biting– Most children go through a biting phase at some point in their lives, the most usual time being in their second year and is a normal part of early childhood development. Babies and toddlers bite for a variety of reasons, such as teething or exploring a new toy or object with their mouth ("mouthing"). As they begin to understand cause-and-effect, they also might bite a person to see if they can get a reaction. Biting also can be a way for toddlers to get attention or express how they're feeling. Frustration, anger, and fear are strong emotions and toddlers lack the language skills to deal with them. So if they can't find the words they need quickly enough or can't articulate how they're feeling, they may resort to biting as a way of saying, "Pay attention to me!" or "I don't like that! For more information please follow the link, If you do have any worries or concerns then please do come and see us in the office.

Dates for your Diary

Graduation: Saturday 6th August

Last day of term: Thursday 21st July

Summer hols: Friday 22nd July – Friday 2nd September

Autumn term begins: Monday 5th September


Many thanks

Jo and the team