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June / July Newsletter Bridge Farm

Staff news

We would like to congratulate Stacey Carr in the Pre-school room and Mel who works between both nurseries and in all the rooms on there fantastic news; Stacey is expecting her first child in November 2017 and Mel in December 2017.

We also have some sad news; Karen from the baby room will be leaving us for pastures new and her last day will be Friday 7th July. We would like to wish Karen all the best for the future and in her new job; she will be missed by everyone as she has formed greats bonds with the staff, children and parents within the nursery.

We will of course keep parents updated of any changes with key children and staffing.




Pick up timesplease may we remind you that we have strict ratios within the nursery.

Please ensure that you pick up your children on time; our sessions end at either1pm, 3pm or 6pm. If you have more than one child to pick up please can you make adjustments to allow for collecting each child by the end of their session.

This is to enable staff to move promptly to other areas of the nursery/out of school clubs and have lunch breaks etc. at reasonable times.

A fee of £10 per child will be charged at the Manager’s discretion in the event of late collection. In the event that a child has not been collected after 30 minutes an additional £25 fee per child will be charged. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.


Funded childcare for working parents of 3 and 4-year-olds

There is now an informative link for parents to follow to see if their child is eligible for the 30 hours funding: If you think you are eligible and would like to extend your hours please let us know at your earliest convenience. This is due to limited availability and a waiting list for specific days so please pop into the office or send us an email.


Sainsbury’s Active Kids vouchers – We have collected in excess of 4000 vouchers, thank you to everyone for supporting us. We have decided to use the vouchers towards some outdoor equipment for our garden.


Graduation – Pre-school leaver’s graduation will be held at nursery on Saturday 12th August 10.30am – 12pm. This year we have a larger amount of children leaving for school so have to be strict on the amount of people we can hold in the pre-school building due to health and safety. This means we can only accommodate two adults per child which means unfortunately this year there isn’t space for siblings as well. We apologies that this is the case and appreciate and understand that this isn’t as convenient for everyone but have to ensure the same rules apply to everyone and to keep in line with our policies. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.


Pre-school/Owls contracts – Children who are entitled to funding from September this year should have now all received their new contracts. All contracts need to be returned by Monday 3rd July please and if you’re yet to receive one then please let a member of management know.




Room News


Our summer theme for our room is mini beasts which the children have already helped to decorate an interactive display board which we will be added to over the next few weeks. The children have been trying on bug costumes and exploring small world insects through a various range of materials.

We will be exploring by going on bug hunts around the garden using magnifying and lots of language naming objects and talking about what we see and find.

We will be making a bug hotel for the garden and a wormery for the children to investigate. We will be encouraging the children to investigate with messy play; bugs in ice, spaghetti worms and lots of water play to stay cool and of course we will do lots of fun arts and crafts around our theme.



Our theme this month is summer which will of course be based around our surroundings, the weather, holidays and any outings the children have had or will go on. We will be creating displays around children’s art and craft they will be doing such as bumble bees, flowers, butterflies and beach pictures. We will have a beach theme with an ice cream van and the paddling pool out in the garden. Children have loved being outside more and helping to look after their strawberry and tomato plants with watering them and watching them grow. The children have shown a lot of interest in dinosaurs and we will be turning our role play into a dinosaur investigation area, making dinosaur eggs, footprints, fossils, using lots of different textures and discussing and learning about the dinosaurs, what they eat, look and sound like.



Our new theme is under the sea and although we will be sad to see all the jungle characters and decorations go we look forward to the new transformation. The children will help decorate the room by making lots of sea animals and arts and craft for our display boards. Within the book corner there will be lots of pictures and books based on our sea theme and our role play area will become a beach or beach shop which the children can interact with. There will lots of snorkels, flippers, swimsuits, beach balls and a paddling pool with sand. Our theme will continue into our mark making and maths areas counting, grouping and recognising numbers with, fish, shells and other objects and concentrating on holding our pencils correctly and having good pen control. The children love to be outside in the garden so we will be making a little garden centre that the children can explore and play in with pots and spades, compost, seeds and lots of other materials.



This month the children have really cared and looked after their plants in our garden area and have enjoyed watching them grow, we will continue to grow fruit and vegetables soon. This has continued with the children learning about nature and discussing life cycles and our caterpillars which we have been watching and are nearly ready to become butterflies. We have also been learning about decay through science experiments with food watching apple decay in milk, water and orange juice. The children have shown a strong interest in vehicles which has supported them in learning shapes and numbers so with this we have decided to turn our role play area into a garage. Within the area we will be incorporating counting, mark making and encouraging relationships through team work and helping each other. We’ve had a few visits and phone calls from your child’s new teachers and we continue to listen to the fun they’ve had at their trial sessions in their new schools.


Term dates

End of term – last day for term time/funded only children Friday 21st July, children return week beginning Monday 4th September



Many thanks,

Jo and the team