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May News Bridge Farm

Staff news

We have to tell you with a heavy heart that Lucy (from our Pre-school room) will be leaving

us on Friday 27 th May due to family circumstances. Lucy has been with us since Feb 2010

starting as an apprentice and gaining her qualifications; she has left to have her own babies,

but has always fitted straight back in with the team. All of us will all be very sad to see her

go and will miss her bubbly and outgoing personality; we wish her all the best in her new

job role.

Lucy will be getting all of her learning journeys up to date before she goes, so all those

school leavers will have them ready by the half term.

Room News


We are still doing our farm theme in the baby room. The children are really enjoying the

tractors and straw play etc.

With the warmer weather (hopefully) fast approaching we will spend a lot more time out in

the garden, so can we please ask for a labelled sunhat and plenty of changes of clothes.

Water play is very popular in the baby garden so they may get through a few sets of


We will be focusing on our Ecat again so encouraging the children to use more language,

copying noises and words. We will be doing a lot more singing with them to help them learn

the sounds.

Lambs Room

We will be doing a variety of different things this month. We will enjoy spending a lot more

time out in the garden. Lots of water play, with different resources to explore. E.g. sea

animals and bugs. We will also be looking forward to growing a variety of flowers and

vegetables. Carrots, runner beans tomatoes and sunflowers

We will be changing our display board into the hungry caterpillar, focusing on the fruits we

eat. The children have been taking a particular interest in stories. So we will continue to

look at stories and other picture books.


Owls Room

We are continuing with our spring theme as the children enjoy the spring craft and looking

at the different life cycles. Our next life cycle is the snail, as we have discussions about


We are looking forward to watching the caterpillars grow into butterflies once the tadpoles

have joined the pond.

We will be doing lots of planting, flowers and vegetables in our garden, watching them

change and grow, and then using the vegetables for food tasting and at meal times.

We will be spending more time out in the garden as the weather is getting warmer. Please

can we remind you to bring labelled sunhats.


We are all getting very excited about big school and are slowly preparing the children for

their next chapter in September. We will soon be changing the role-play area into a school

classroom and will let you know a date for our graduation soon.

Over the past few weeks we have been exploring textures through arts and crafts and food

tasting activities and have been encouraging lots of describing words.

We are continuing to talk about various life cycles and growing up and are still waiting

patiently for our tadpoles and caterpillars to grow. This has fitted nicely with our ‘when we

were babies’ display board. Thank you for all the parents who have sent in pictures of their

children as babies – it’s been lovely seeing them all, they are all very cute. If you are yet to

bring any in please email and we can print them off. Please let us know what school your

child will be attending so we can invite their new teacher into the nursery.


Queen’s 90 th Birthday. For the Queen’s birthday celebrations we will be dressing up in blue,

red or white on Friday 10 th June. It would be great if all children could participate and bring

in a £1 to help raise money for Cracker Jacks Children’s Trust. We will also be having a cake

stall as on the Thursday and Friday to help raise more money.

In the wider community there is event for the Queen’s birthday celebrations on Saturday

and Sunday 11/12 th June at the Kesgrave Millennium sportsground. The events are free and

start from 11.00am with live music, children’s races, cakes, face painting and a treasure


Dummies: if your child comes to nursery with a dummy please can we ask that you provide

a small labelled pot for it to go in or a cover for when they are not using it.

Warmer weather Please could we ask that parents provide suitable clothing such as named

hats, shoes and clothing. Children will have access to the outside area for the majority of

the day and will be going out in all weathers. We do provide our own sun cream which is

Garnier Amber Solaire factor 30+ or 50+. If your child has sensitive skin and you wish to

provide their own then please bring some in, with your child’s name on.

Sainsbury’s active vouchers

These have now finished, if you have any left lying around please bring them in so we can

start counting them up. Please ask as many friends and relatives if they have any too.

Learning Journeys – Please ask your child’s key person if you would like to look at your

child’s learning journey. These will also be sent home with your child’s 4month report

enabling you to look through your child’s development; they will need to be signed out and

can be borrowed for a short period.

Dates for your Diary

Nursery closed –Monday 30 th May, Bank holiday

May half term - Monday 30 th May – Friday 3 rd June.

Come dressed as kings and queens – Friday 10 th June

Many thanks, Jo and the team.