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Rendlesham September News

Dear Parents & Carers,
We would like to welcome all of the new families that have joined us this term and welcome back our other families. We have lots of exciting things planned for the coming term with activities focusing on the changing weather, our holidays and of course getting to know our new friends.
I would like to take this opportunity to update everyone on the staffing within the rooms.
Michelle will be leaving to go on maternity leave at the end of this month. We are very excited to welcome her new arrival and will keep you all updated when she arrives.

Baby Room:
Maria, Ruth & Clara

Toddler Room:
Ellie, Kirsty, Catie & Victoria

Preschool Room:
Steph, Mel, Lucy & Annie

Autumn is here!
As the weather is changing, we would appreciate it if you could bring a waterproof jacket, wellies and changes of clothing into nursery so that your child/ren can continue to enjoy outside play.

Slippers- Now that the weather is becoming wetter it is important that we keep our nursery environment clean and safe, therefore can we please ask that you bring in a pair of slippers for your child to wear in the nursery. Please remember to clearly label these and encourage your child to change into them when they come into nursery at the beginning of their session.
Thank you.

From this month we will be introducing a “Country of the Month”. We would like to ask families to participate. This could mean bringing in photos, postcards or souvenirs from places that you have visited that coincide with our topic or sharing recipes, stories, songs or information.

The whole nursery will take part in food tasting, looking at native animals, culture and lots of fascinating facts as we travel the world on our country of the month journey.
Countries of the Month are as follows:
September- Italy
October- Mexico
November- USA
December- Germany

If you are having an “Autumnal” clean and are looking for a good home for any good quality toys, books and clothes, then please bring them into nursery for the children to enjoy! Thank you!

WOW Tree
You will know that in the early years, there are so many special moments for you and your child/ren as they grow and develop. We like to share and celebrate these at nursery so you will see that we have a WOW tree in the foyer. Please take the time to complete a leaf and post it in the WOW box in the foyer so we can hang it on the tree.

At Rendlesham Day Nursery the safety of the children within our care is paramount. Please ensure that the front door is closed behind you when you leave and that you do not let anyone unknown to you into the building.
Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.

Dates for your Diary:
Term Dates:
October Half Term is Monday 26th October to Friday 30th October 2015.
Nursery Halloween fun day: Friday 30th October
Nursery Photo Day- Friday 6th November 8am-1pm
Funded Only Children will finish for Christmas on Wednesday 16th December 2015.