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Ofsted Inspection Report

We are extremely dedicated in ensuring that children's needs are met and following our Ofsted inspection, we have completed all of the Ofsted recommendations to the highest standard. 

Here are some of the quotes from our latest Ofsted report.

Settling-in procedures are flexible and based on the needs of the individual child. They allow time for the key person to develop a close and trusting professional relationship with parents, especially for those parents leaving their child for the first time. As a result, both children and parents are happy, relaxed and settled when they start. 

Practitioners plan an exciting range of sensory activities for children where they can explore the differences in textures, mass and quantity. Children are encouraged to 'sit in' large trays of different mixtures, enabling them to use their whole body to explore how this feels. Children show delight as the mixture oozes between their fingers and toes.

Practitioners find out from parents what their child knows and can already do when they first start. They use this and the information gained from their observations to plan effectively for children's learning.

Children in each room enjoy access to the outdoor area. This allows them to make independent choices about their learning and where they want to play and explore. The new outdoor space has been created and children enjoy a range of interesting activities. They develop their physical skills, using ride-on vehicles to negotiate the play road markings, signs and traffic lights. Young children relish in exploring the sounds their developing voices can make. They use cardboard tubes to sing and talk through, and they laugh heartily in response to practitioners when they copy the sounds back to them. Children in the pre-school room re-enact their experiences of going on a plane for their holidays in the role-play area.