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Bridge Farm Day Nurseries

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Ofsted Inspection Report

We are extremely dedicated in ensuring that children's needs are met and following our Ofsted inspection, we have completed all of the Ofsted recommendations to the highest standard. 

Here are some of the quotes from our latest Ofsted report.

"The highly effective key person system supports the children to feel safe, settle well and progress very well through the Early Years."

"Close, trusting bonds have developed with the parents ensuring individual children's needs are met."

"The indoor and outdoor environments are carefully created to provide a welcoming, inclusive and stimulating place where children have fun as they learn through play."

"Managers have exceptionally high aspirations for quality and share a clear vision with the staff as they strive to improve the provision further."

"Children play in a print rich environment where they have many opportunities to mark-make in sand, with paint, with chalks on the chalk board and have a range of writing materials that they can access independently."

"Children delight in riding round on bikes, running down the slopes, climbing the ladder to the slide and jumping on the small trampoline."

"Children's personal, social and emotional development is fostered particularly well."