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Our Story

Having left London to move back to her home town of Woodbridge, Tina set about training to become a childminder as previous jobs with children had shown her how much fun it is!

In April 2003 Tina and Dan opened their home to their first few children. Dan was in recruitment at the time and loved getting back a bit early to play outside with the children. Two years later and with 19 children to look after by now they decided there was sufficient demand for a nursery! Fortunately a building came up in Rendlesham and in April 2005. Tina opened Rendlesham Day Nursery, with Lorraine Harrington, who is now our Area Manager and Jenna Scopes, now Rendlesham Manager.

Life started getting so busy that Dan very happily gave up his job to come and join the team.


Three years later, during which time Tina and Dan had two babies or their own, an opportunity came up to build a nursery on the border of Woodbridge and Martlesham. In July 2008 Bridge Farm Day Nursery opened with Lorraine as manager and Jenna promoted to manager at Rendlesham Day Nursery, along with a team of dedicated staff at each setting.

Bridge Farm gained an outstanding reputation and became oversubscribed almost instantly, a nice problem to have but something we have been trying to solve for a number of years. We were therefore delighted to  open a new 24 place preschool adjacent to our current nursery in January 2015. This purpose built, self-contained facility has its own kitchen, garden, toilets, office and staff room.

Tina, a qualified play worker, now spends time at each of the Bridge Farm Day Nurseries working with the Managers on new ideas and experiences for the children to become involved in. Tina has a great interest in the outdoors and helps the staff to promote "outdoor learning" for all of the settings.

Dan, a qualified EYP (Early Years Professional), oversees the running of the nurseries. He is very hands on and spends a lot of time with the children using the skills he has learnt whilst gaining his level 6 qualification. Dan became one of the first men in Suffolk to achieve Early Years Professional Status which is the highest qualification that can be attained in the early year's sector. It is the gold standard for those working with children under 5 and it is the governments aim to have an EYP in every day care setting by 2015.

Each nursery is completely individual, though our emphasis for each is on bright and inviting rooms with creative outdoor facilities. We have also strived to maintain the family feeling that we had when we began as childminders.

Please come and meet our teams on the dedicated page for each setting.

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