Bridge Farm Day Nurseries

Bridge Farm Day Nurseries

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Rendlesham Primary School

Located in the school Home skills room, we provide out-of-school care during the term time, for children from ages 4-11 years of age.

Our morning starts at 7.50am and we take the children to their classes at 8.50am. Breakfast is served between 8.00 and 8.30am and includes cereal, toast and fruit juice.

After school we begin at 3.30pm and finish at 6.00pm with tea around 4.30pm.

Every child reacts differently on finishing their school day. Some want to run around and let off steam, others want to get immersed into an art activity and others just want to unwind by chatting with their friends.Occasionally we might even get some that want to do their homework! Here the children have access to the lovely school grounds before and after tea. Jo also provides a variety of arts and craft activities, building, music, teamwork, dramatic, sensory and educational activities.

Jo has been working at the Nursery and Afterschool club since 2010 and is named Manager of the afterschool club. Jo brings a wealth of experience to our setting and divides her time between Rendlesham out of school club, Rendlesham Day Nursery and looking after her two children.

If the children or parents have any ideas of their own then we are always willing to listen and where possible will bring in the equipment to meet these suggestions.

Working with Jo: Clara Wood, Kay Payne, Jenna Scopes, Lorraine Harrington and Annie Freeman.



  • Breakfast Club: £5.60 (Siblings £5.10)
  • Out of School Club: £9.70 (Sibling: £8.70)

Fees are reviewed annually on September 1st.