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Bridge Farm Day Nurseries

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Ofsted Inspection Report.

We are extremely dedicated in ensuring that children's needs are met and following our Ofsted inspection, we have completed all of the Ofsted recommendations to the highest standard.


Here are some of the comments from our latest Ofsted report: 

“Children feel secure and happy as they busily play in this close-knit nursery. They enthusiastically get involved

A very well-qualified, experienced and long-standing staff team place children at the centre of everything that they do. The staff team's nurturing and understanding support helps children to develop strong bonds with them. This enhances children's sense of belonging.

Young children and babies receive kind and sensitive care, this supports their wellbeing. They have lots of time playing actively in the well-designed outdoor areas with staff alongside them for support. This fosters their health and enjoyment.”

"The dedicated leadership team strives to offer high-quality care and learning for all children. It recognises the importance and value of the staff team. It works to create a very positive working environment."

Staff provide stimulating and challenging activities based on their regular assessments of where children are in their learning and what they can achieve next. Staff focus on giving children high-quality sensory experiences indoors and out. Children become creative and imaginative as they play together. 

Staff's storytelling skills are exemplary. For example, during story time staff use their gestures, facial expressions, tone and volume of voice to deliver a story full of suspense. Children are enthralled. They do not take their eyes from the staff member and the book. Staff also routinely sing songs and rhymes with children, who happily join in with the parts that they know. This means that children's early language and reading skills are well promoted. "