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Bridge Farm Day Nurseries

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Ofsted Inspection Report.

We are extremely dedicated in ensuring that children's needs are met and following our Ofsted inspection, we have completed all of the Ofsted recommendations to the highest standard.


Here are some of the comments from our latest Ofsted report: 

A rich, vibrant, stimulating learning environment offers a wide range of exciting and varied opportunities for all children. This means children are keen, enthusiastic, independent and confident learners and some make exceptional progress.

Staff provide a wide variety of activities that are carefully planned to be purposeful, developmentally appropriate and challenging. Children are exceptionally well supported by their key persons, developing emotional security and building firm relationships.  

Children's learning experiences are significantly enhanced by the very strong communication skills demonstrated by all staff. This results in optimal challenge for all children.


All staff fully understand their role in safeguarding children. They provide a high-quality nursery, which is welcoming, safe and stimulating. All necessary steps are taken to protect children's welfare. Safety is paramount and associated record keeping is robust.


Inspirational leadership ensures that professional development enables practitioners to challenge and improve their knowledge, understanding and practice.


Children's transitions within the nursery and on to full-time school are significantly enhanced by very close links and partnerships with parents and local primary schools.