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As expected with children and activities clothes can get a little dirty! We always make them wear aprons when painting but often the children can get messy when at nursery. For this reason we sell our own Bridge Farm Nurseries t-shirts for children ages 2 and above.

We also sell caps for those hot summer days. The cap has our Bridge Farm logo on the front and material at the back that protects their neck.


Prices:                                                                Rendlesham Day Nursery School leavers Tea Towel 2012

T-Shirts are £7               Caps are £6.50              £5.00             

At Bridge Farm Nurseries we try to do all we can to preserve our environment. Therefore the nappies and wipes we use are all biodegradable. We also sell these at all of our nurseries.


Nappies are priced from: £4.25 depending on size

Wipes are:£2.99         Shampoo:£3.99      Bubble bath:£3.99       Baby lotion:£3.99

TO ORDER PLEASE CALL: 01394 388062 For collection from Bridge Farm.

                                          01394 420581 For collection from Rendlesham.