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Jenna and Clare,

We are writing to inform you that J's last day at Rendlesham Day Nursery will be Friday 2nd September.

It will be both a sad and exciting day for J and his mummy and daddy!  We would like to take this opportunity to formally thank all of you for looking after J and helping to prepare him for "big school" over the last two and a half years.  Every single member of staff have been amazing in this journey, but special thanks must go to J's key persons, Michelle and Mel and also to Jo who took him under her wing on his very first trial sessions.  He has not forgotten that and her name was amongst the top when he was choosing his Christmas presents for you all!

Best regards and thank you again

John & Heidi B






Dear Anita,


I would like to thank you and all the team at Bridge Farm who have cared for E and B over the years. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without you!

B and E have been attending Bridge Farm in one form or another for the past 8 years, beginning at Rendlesham Day Nursery. They were amongst the first children to attend Bridge Farm and the flexibility in care that you have offered us has been brilliant.

I can remember Dan running a shuttle service to St Mary’s when B and a few other children started there on a part time basis, sending all the working mothers into panic about her we were going to manage it!

B and E have always been happy with you at Nursery and the After School Club and that has meant a lot to Mark and me.

I wish you all well in the future, I’m sure we’ll see you out and about.


Kind regards and many thanks,


Catherine W





To Bridge Farm Management and all the nursery staff.

Many thanks to each and every one of you for all that you have done for B. in her time at nursery. It only seems like yesterday when we were dropping her off for her first day! But to think her journey with you has come to an end is mind blowing.

You have all played a huge part in helping her to grow into the girl she is today and for that we are truly grateful. We know that she will miss you all and talk about her time at Bridge Farm for years to come. We are really glad we chose you to look after our precious daughter as you have been amazing.

Thanks again, Love Ruth, and Chris L






Dear Bridge Farm Day Nursery Team,

Thank you so much for these last 3 years, J has enjoyed going to nursery from day 1 and he will certainly miss you very much!

See you around and on behalf of J "Merci" !!


Pascaline, Chris and J




To all at Rendlesham Day Nursery,

Thank you so much for all that you have done over the years!

Such an amazing team and both B and A and Mummy will miss you!

Keep doing what you do so well.

Lots of love A, B, Mummy and Flopsy rabbit.



Dear Rendlesham Day Nursery,

Thank you for everything you've done for me. You're the best. We are very appreciative of your support.

Best wishes,

N, and family



Dear Bridge Farm

I have had the best time with you all, thank you so much for helping me learn, grow and play.

Special thanks to my key carers since I was small Pam, Amy, Kirsten, Sammy, Amy and Elise. I have grown and you have been extra special to me, now I am going to be an even bigger boy!!

Sending you all my love




Bridge Farm Gang!!

You have been a huge part of our family for a long time and you will all be missed greatly. Thank you all so much for being so important, we are very grateful for your care, kindness, playfulness, patience, teaching, guiding, understanding and love!

Keep being great,

All our love,

Kat and Paul xx



Dear all at Bridge Farm,

Just a note of thanks to all of you for the wonderful care provided to our daughter, Z at Bridge Farm.

Z will miss her time in pre-school - her Jolly phonics sessions, dance lessons, play-time and of course the most wonderful time she has had the past few months (since she started pre-school) with her friends and teachers.

Keep up the excellent work!

Very best wishes,

Lamiya and Ali

July 2015



"We are struggling to put into words our heartfelt gratitude for the genuine love, care and support you have given M over the last 3 1/2 years.
we cannot believe the time has come to finally say goodbye and for M to leave and join 'big school'.
It will be very strange not to have Bridge Farm in our daily routine and lives, when you have played such a significant roll in the development of M's life - he...lping and encouraging her in every activity whilst in your care.
We will treasure her learning journey, which her key workers put so much effort into.
All your staff are fantastic and are a credit to Bridge Farm. We can now look back and reflect on one of the best decisions we ever made placing our children with you.
Fro here, we wish you all the success and growth for the nursery's future and of course you will feature very highly in our recommendation with other new parents and Friends.
With all our very best wishes,

Love Tony and Ruth"



"It hardly seems possible that time has come for J to leave you all and go to 'big school'. To say that this is bitter sweet is an understatement!...

We of course are very excited that J is embarking on a new adventure but we are sad that his time at Bridge Farm has come to an end.
We really can't thank you enough for everything that you have done to help J grow into the amazing, funny little boy that he has become.
As a parent, it is always hard to leave your child and go off to work, however it is so much easier when your child genuinely loves their nursery setting and loves their keyworkers (we will not forget how possessive J was with Shirley in the baby room)!!

With love and thanks to you all.
Lisa and Kevin"




Dear Staff,

Please accept our thanks for everything you have done for Tabitha during the last 2years! Am so proud of the little girl is becoming and I owe so much of that to your constant love and guidance. Thank you for being such a tremendous positive influence on these formative years!

You have taught her the importance of empathy,respect, determination and how to be a team player! With the loving environment you created, you have always made her feel connected,capable and courageous!!

It's unfortunate that she has to leave now and will be joining pre-school ... next year! I know she will miss you immensely. Thank you so much for all your support, love and care you showered her!! Wishing you a happy Christmas and a prosperous new year!


Diana and Tabitha X





Dear Elise,

We cannot thank you enough for the incredible care you have given A over the past year. We could not have wished for a better key person – you have been caring, patient, fun and a fantastic teacher with everything from letters and numbers to manners and playing well with others.

Thank you for helping her become the great little person she is. You truly are brilliant at what you do and A will miss you terribly. Thank you again,

Dear Dan and Lorraine,

Thank you for everything that you have done for A over her time at Bridge Farm. She has been so happy with you and I fell very lucky to have found such a fantastic nursery. The staff are so caring and lovely and know the children so well. You can’t put a price on knowing your child is safe and happy, and I am so grateful that you have helped provide that environment for A.

Thank you

Matt, Rachel and A.

Sept 2014



To all of the team at Rendlesham Day Nursery – Thanks a million for all the fun times we’ve had, all your support, everything you’ve taught me and all the cuddles you gave me when I needed them!!

Lots of love, L

Sept 2014



Thank you to Rendlesham Day Nursery staff – Clare Bear, Clare R, Stacey, Nikki, Maria and all the staff who have helped to give E such wonderful memories at nursery. I can’t believe 5 years have nearly gone by and she’ll be at school! Thank you again to such a lovely team – thanks Dan.

Lots of love Jenny and Mark


Sept 2014


To Everyone at Bridge Farm,

A great big thank you for looking after J so well during his time here. We’re so glad we chose Bridge Farm, as the care that he has received has been second to none. J leaves Bridge Farm as a sensitive, loving and caring boy. He’s thoroughly enjoyed his time here and I’ve no doubt he will miss you lots.

Thank you for everything.

Keely, Steve, J and H

Sept 2014


To Elise, Sue, Amy and all the girls in the pre-school room.

From the bottom of our hearts we wanted to thank you for looking after S so well for the past 1.5 years. She always has so much fun at nursery doing painting, dressing up, cooking, role playing, learning, dancing and singing and much more. We always felt safe in the knowledge that S is looked after and cared for. It will be very strange not to bring her every Wednesday but soon enough N will keep her updated on everything that is going on in nursery.

Thank you again.

Dear Lorraine Jo and Dan,

Thank you so much for looking after S so well after the last 3.5 years.

Thank you for all the love and care that you have given her and making her feel safe and secure. Thank you for accommodating all our requests about changing days and dates etc. these are little things that always go a long way. It will be strange for a while just bringing N to nursery but soon enough he will be telling S little stories about his time at Bridge Farm, Thank you

SB’s parents

Sept 2014


Thank you to each and every one for all the help, support and kindness you have given O and I.

We will miss you all,

Dan and O

Aug 2014



Dear Sue, Elise, Amy, Lucy and Hannah and everyone involved in D’s time at Bridge Farm.

Thank you so very much for a quality, worry free, fun filled learning experience over the last couple of years.

Abbie, Buster and D

Aug 2014



Dear all at Rendlesham Day Nursery,

Thank you for looking after me so well and playing all my fantastic games. I have loved my time at nursery. Special thanks to Stacey, Clare, Ami, Kiera, Julie, Michelle and Ellie for really making me feel at home. I’ll miss you all! Lots of love and cuddles - Grace

Aug 2014


To everyone at Bridge Farm,

You are a great team. H has learned and laughed and sometimes cried with you all. Good luck with the new build.

Thank you and good wishes to everyone,

From the P’s

Sept 2014


To everyone at Bridge Farm that have played such a big part in the lives of O and T, a huge THANK YOU.

I could not have done it without you, and I am sure that they would not be the wonderful bright, clever little boys that they now are without your help.

Much love Natasha, T and O



Thank you, so much, for looking after me so well. I’ve had a brilliant time in the pre-school room and have learnt so much. I’ll miss you when I go to big school but will come and say hello when I pick H up.

Love from JL Aug 2014

Dearest Shirley,

I know you have tied a million shoe laces, wiped a million noses, cuddled many, many, teary, tiny children in your role as a nursery nurse…


In M’s life, the role you have played and the relationship and bond you have made is unique and special.

As her parents we thank you so very much for the love, care, time and nurturing you have shown our daughter. You will always hold a very special place in our memories and hearts.

Lots of love….





Hi Lorraine,

The party was a great success and **** had a really good time.

Thank you again to you and all your team for the help.  We've never once regretted our decision to place **** at Bridge Farm, hence **(his brother)** starting there in September. He's been happy in all the rooms and has just been so well supported in his development. 





To Dan,

I just wanted to write a quick note to let you know about how thrilled we were the other day with your staff going the extra mile.

Archie has been slightly reluctant to come to nursery recently (Just a stage I guess). To help settle him Clare Bear made a farm for him and left it as it was her day off. Mark and I were so impressed and Archie, well he was totally over the moon!

The service that Clare Bear offered was in our eyes exceptional and makes us feel so reassured as parents that Archie and Mimsie are in such kind and thoughtful hands.


Kind regards,




December 2013




Dear Jo and all the staff,


Thank you very much for all the attention and care you have given Christopher and the peace of mind you have given me. Everyone had been amazingly supportive. Wishing you all the best for the future.


Helen and Iain


September 2013



A sincere and heartfelt thank you to you all for the help and support you have given Sophie during her time at nursery. It’s been an amazing journey, thank you for all being a part of it.

Lisa and Kevin Lee

September 2013



To all the staff at Rendlesham Day Nursery,


A huge thank you, to everyone, for all the hard work, support and dedication over the last few years and for making Rendlesham Day Nursery such a fun and happy place to be.


Sam, Isabella and Toby all enjoyed their time at the nursery and I could not have hoped for a better place to send them in their early years. It is with great sadness that we now say goodbye, but with fond memories. The one thing that stands out over the years is how fantastic the staff are...always so cheery and bubbly and they have made all my children feel so special.


So a huge thank you to everyone,


With Many thanks and best wishes


Craig, Jess, Sam, Isabella and Toby xxx


August 2013




Thank you so much for looking after Alfie and all the great things you have done with him. He loves all of his teachers and friends and will miss you all.


xxxxx August 2013




Dear Dan,


We just wanted to say a special thank you to you for the fantastic care that Jemima has received over the past three years in both Rendlesham and Bridge Farm Nurseries. Your staff are such credit to you and the teaching is truly outstanding.


The teams in both nurseries have all played a part in preparing Jemima for her next step - "big school" We cannot express strongly enough our gratitude to you all.


With best wishes for continuing success in all of your settings,


Tina, Rustin and Jemima


July 2013




To all the staff at Rendlesham day Nursery,


Thank you very much for all you have done for Poppy (and Lily) She has really enjoyed her time with you. All the staff have been so kind and friendly, and very sweet to Poppy. We are sad it is an end of an era but I'm sure that we'll continue to see a lot of you at the school!


To Clare Bear, Thank you so much for all your kindness to Poppy during her time at Rendlesham Nursery. She really does love you and you have meant a lot to all of us. Thank you :)


Best wishes


Many thanks,


Jane, David, Lily and Poppy




.....Whilst writing I would like to thank everyone at Rendlesham Day Nursery for making Scarlett feel relaxed and happy in nursery from day one, since starting the nursery at just 8 months old Scarlett has enjoyed being left with your friendly team of staff and I was able to go to work knowing that she was being well looked after which is a big relief.


Scarlett has learnt a huge amount whilst being at your nursery and myself and Brian are very grateful for everything that you all have done for her in her time there.


Thanks again,


Rachael Cleary and Brian Gooch   (July 2013)





To 'The Team' at Rendlesham Day Nursery,


This is to confirm that Abigail ... will be attending Rendlesham Primary school as of the start of term in September 2013.


She has had a fantastic time at Rendlesham nursery and will miss you all.


Thank you all for your support and taking good care of her. She has most definitely flourished in your care.


Yours faithfully,


Haley Brett  (July 2013)




Hi Jo

Jacks last day at nursery will be Thursday 29th August. How sad.
I'd just like to take this opportunity to say what a fantastic nursery you are running. I honestly cannot fault the setting in anyway and have recommended you to anyone who asks me. I know Jack has his tears, but he really has loved his time with all of you and will be sad to leave. Still, you're not getting rid of us just yet as Sienna starts in September. I'm sure her time with you all will be just as much fun. A big thank you from us to you and everyone at Bridge Farm.

Kind regards
Sarah Clarry (July 2013)




Hi Lorraine,


...after an awful lot of thought I have decided to send Toby to ********* nursery full time from September onwards.  It is with great reservation that I do this as my choice would certainly be Rendlesham.  However, in view of the fact that he will be attending school in *********, and the distance we travel to get to Rendlesham I feel it is now the most sensible option.


I will be extremely sad not to have any more children attending Rendlesham Day Nursery as we have been with you for over 7 years now.  However, the time has come to sadly move on and we will all miss our visits to you.


I hope you understand this hard decision and I am hoping that we can pop by from time to time to say hello to you all.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, and all the staff for 7 years of looking after Sam, Isabella and Toby and setting them up in such a great way for their school life ahead of them. I have always thought of Rendlesham Day Nursery as an outstanding place for children to attend in their early years.


With thanks, and kind regards,


Jess (July 2013) _____________________________________________________________________________________________


"We can't thank you enough. We feel the nursery is fantastic, has always met our needs and take comfort knowing our children are cared for very well. Both children are always happy, the setting is lovely and the staff are great. Thanks again"


Mrs Bond (February 2013)






Hi all.


We both sat and looked through Ethan’s learning Journey last night before we passed it to the school. We were totally blown away, it was amazing. Some of the things in there were just so lovely! Thank you all so so much for your fantastic work and support over the last 2.5 years with him. He thoroughly enjoyed his time with you and he is sad to have left!


I will bring him in next week as we have a card and some chocolates for you all.


Thanks again, we can’t thank you enough.


Laura and James x (January 2013)




Dear Jo, Lorraine, Dan (and all the staff at Bridge Farm),


Just a quick note to give a huge, huge, thank you for the excellent care you have given Elliott since the day he arrived at Bridge Farm in 2009.


From those early days in the baby room (time has flown by!!!) to his @graduation' from the pre-school room, Elliott has really loved every minute at the nursery - this is a real testament to the staff and the above par/excellent care and attention you have offered him and all the other children at Bridge Farm.


Elliott (& I !!) will miss you all,


With love and fond memories,


Devona and Elliott






Dear Lorraine,


We would like to thank you all very much for all your care and hard work with James. He absolutely loves coming to nursery and has never not wanted to come to a session. Please give special thanks to Emma for all the one-to-one attention she has given James and to Tash for being such a great Manager! They have always been cheerful, friendly and given me confidence. james loves the facilities you have at the nursery and I hope that it grows and grows. Thank you Lorraine for all you have done too and for your flexible approach to James' sessions etc; We have really appreciated all that you have done.


James will be sad to leave and will miss you all but we now feel that it's time for him to start Reception.


With all our very best wishes


Yours sincerely,


Jo and Matt Ambrose  (6th August 2012)




Dear Jo and the team,


Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to you all for looking after our precious little girl for the last four years. I cannot praise Bridge Farm highly enough. Your nursery is outstanding as are all the team.


Carly was such a shy and sensitive baby when she came to you and the transformation into a confident little girl ready for school is immense. You guys have played such a part in how her personality has grown.


We will miss you so much. In fact, right now I cannot imagine not coming back and forth each week.


Tash is one of your biggest assets in our view. Carly adores her.


So farewell and thanks once again.


Alison, Steve and Carly  (August 2012)




To all the staff at Rendlesham Day Nursery.


We would like to say a very big THANK YOU for making Elena's time at nursery such an enjoyable one. Your professionalism and dedication to the children in your care has shone through and we have felt nothing but confidence in leaving Elena's care in your hands.


Elena is very sad to leave but now as she is a 'BIG GIRL', is looking forward to her next journey through big school.


Love and best wishes


Hayley, Simon and Elena xxx (August 2012)




To all at Bridge Farm,


Thank you for everything you have done for Oliver over the last four years. He has turned into a wonderful little boy and this is no small part. Thanks to all the effort, caring and encouragement you have all given him. He will miss you all.


Love Natasha and Oliver (August 2012)




To Dan, Lorraine, Jo and all the team,


Thank you to you all for looking after William so wonderfully well for four fantastic years. He has had such fun, excellent care, great food (he is such a fan of Amanda's!) and happy times and he wouldn't be writing his name as well as he does without you! We are so pleased to have found you and to have been one of your earliest customers at Bridge Farm and we will continue to recommend you.


We wish you all the best for the future and continued success.


Love from Paul, Louise, Thomas and William Fletcher (August 2012)




Dear Jo, Lorraine, Leanne, Keri, Tash and Stacey,


We cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for Amelia. Right from when she started in the baby room with Leanne, right through to toddlers with Keri and Finally with Tash / Stacey in Preschool, you have all been wonderful!! We are sure she will take away many happy memories with her and has had the very best start. You have all shown amazing patience with her even when she has been at her most challenging.


So thank you all for everything, she will miss you all, as will we.


Lots of Love Charlotte and Neil Downing




To all the staff at Bridge Farm Day Nursery,


We wanted to thank you all for looking after Amelia so wonderfully over the past 3 1/2 years.  She has loved her time here and really thrived. Your friendly, welcoming and professional staff have made such a difference. We know she will miss her days at Nursery but she is a confident, happy little girl ready to start school and that is partly thanks to you.


See you again soon with Oliver!


Lots of love,


Sarah and Luis Ramos (August 2012)




To all the staff,


Myself and Chris would like to say a big thank you to all the wonderful staff at Bridge Farm. Jack has enjoyed his time at nursery and we have watched his confidence grow over the past 3 years due to the support and care from you all.


Jack has learnt so much in his time with you and this has given him a fantastic start to his school life. He will often make us smile when he talks about things we know he has learnt at nursery.


We are all very sad to be saying goodbye and wish you all the best for the future.


Many thanks, Nadine, Chris and Jack x (August 2012)




To everyone at Rendlesham Day Nursery,


Thank you!


Thank you so much for everything you have all done for Billy over the last year. He settled into life at nursery really quickly and has been extremely happy to go to nursery every day. He has made lots of friends both among the other children and the staff as well. You have all helped to give him a great start and he is definitely ready to go to school In September.


Thank you again,


Love from Billy, Lucy and Daniel (July 2012)_______________________________________________________________________________________________ 


"To Dan, Lorraine, Jo and all the team,


Thank you all for looking after William so wonderfully well for four fantastic years. He has had such fun, excellent care, great food (He is such a fan of Amanda's!) and happy times and he wouldn't be writing as well as he does without you! We are so pleased to have found you and to have been one of your earliest customers at Bridge Farm and we will continue to recommend you. We wish you the very best for the future, and continued success.


With love from Paul, Louise, Thomas and William Fletcher (August 2012)




“My daughter has been attending Fram Nursery since she was 6 months old and I had to return to work.  Every morning, when we arrive her face lights up and she can’t wait to see her friends.  Every afternoon, she is handed back to me tired, happy and often filthy after a busy day painting, in the garden or doing other activities – a perfect combo for a toddler.  If she is happy, so am I.  The hours are flexible and really help with my work schedule and the staff are very committed, professional and personable.”


Fiona Siddall.   July 2012


(Manager Easton Farm Park) 



Many thanks for creating such an outstanding nursery. Rendlesham has been the perfect start for Jemima's education. We are sad to be leaving but we feel sure Bridge Farm will be another example of your ability to mix a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with the highest expectations for the children in your care.


Tina, Rustin and Jemima Shute.     July 2012




My daughter has been attending Bridge Farm Day Nursery for a year. When I first contacted the nursery I was impressed and was aware of the differences from other establishments I had contacted. After visiting the nursery we were sure we wanted our daughter to attend and arranged trial sessions. These were well structured and ideal opportunity for the staff to learn about Amy and for me to gain confidence in the nursery.

In the early days the staff I felt were reassuring and looking after me as much as they were Amy. They never tired of my concerns, questions and the endless telephone calls to enquire how the session was going! The web cams were also a massive plus point and even now I log on to see what Amy is doing.

The progress from the Baby Room to Toddler Room was handled extremely well to cause as little disruption as possible. They suggested that I attend the Toddler Room with Amy on her first session to meet the staff and watch a session in progress to see how it was structured and what activities took place.

I feel that the nursery is extremely proactive and it always appears to be looking at ways it can improve, a perfect example of this is the way the garden has recently been extended. Staff turnover is low and the quality of the staff is outstanding. I often take invaluable advice and reassurance from the staff on various subjects like teething, potty training and eating. When I have had concerns they have always been accepted in the most professional manner and action has always been immediate.

Another major credit to the nursery is the way the information is communicated. I know Amy has invaluable experiences at Bridge Farm and I am confident she is extremely well looked after. I would recommend Bridge Farm Nursery to anyone and in fact I often do! In my opinion it is outstanding.

Kind regards

Clare Ballard



I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the work and effort put in by the staff in the Baby Room at Bridge Farm to allow her to come back to nursery. Lorraine has bent over backwards to sort out forms, risk assessments and people to come in and access while Pam, Leanne, Shirley and Amy have been there to listen to me throughout, which I really appreciate. I feel really positive and she’s really settled well into the Ducklings Room. So thanks again for all your support at Bridge Farm and I've been raving to everyone about how positive the nursery has been to be inclusive for our little girl for the next thirty weeks. Best Wishes


Laura Parkin




"Rendlesham Day Nursery is totally out of my way with regards to school runs, home etc, but I choose to send my children there because I believe it's a wonderful nursery. I trust the staff implicitly and know the children are always well looked after."


Mrs. Mackay (November 2012)





My two grandsons Jack & Harry have attended your nursery from the age of 6 months to the present and I would like to put on record my sincere thanks to your Manager for the way they have been welcomed, cared for and looked after by herself and the very sincere and dedicated staff whom you employ. It has been a pleasure to bring them to your nursery and I have seen how happy they have been. May I wish you and your manager a successful future and I will certainly recommend anyone to put their children in your care.


Nigel Shemmings



Dear Lorraine and staff


Thank you so much for all the care you have given to Evelyn and Billy over the last three years, both at Bridge Farm and Rendlesham Day Nursery. They both thoroughly enjoyed coming to you and that made it easier to leave them! Thank you for your flexibility when I asked you for additional sessions, it has been much appreciated. We wish you all well in the future and see you at the after school club!

Cathy, Mark, Billy & Evelyn



We sincerely thank you for all your kindness during Eleanor's stay at Bridge Farm Day Nursery. Eleanor does enjoy all her time here and she has learnt a lot here before she goes to Primary School. I am sure Eleanor will be thinking of here and missing you all, many thanks again and good luck to you all!


Yajie Gao & Yam Shi



Stephen and I have been so pleased with the care you have offered to William since he joined you that it is difficult to contemplate leaving! However, we would like to take this opportunity to say we think you all do an absolutely fantastic job. William has thrived with you and has been very happy. It has been a comfort to tune in and see what he is up to and we have enjoyed this. Special thanks must go to Keri who seems to "get" William completely. I am always amazed how at the end of the day she is still bright, cheerful and hands over so we are fully aware of what his day has entailed. From my own point of view, I wish to thank Lorraine especially for being so helpful when we have needed to change days and for always doing your best to accommodate us when we have needed extra days. We do wish all of you the very best. We will miss you, as will William and Robert.


Julia & Stephen Shaw



Thank you, to everyone at Bridge Farm Day Nursery, for looking after Jake so well. Jake has enjoyed his time at Bridge Farm and especially the lovely food! Jake has developed into a well-mannered and sociable boy from the encouragement and support he has received from you all. Thanks again.





Thank you so much to everyone at Bridge Farm Day Nursery for taking care of Harlan over the last few years. It’s a shame that he now loves it so much there and we have to leave. Maybe we can visit when we come back on holiday?


Nikki, Matt & Harlan



Just a note to say thank you to all at Bridge Farm for making Becky and Tom's time with you so much fun and so special. We are really sad that it is time for them to leave. You all put in so much hard work and effort which is really appreciated. They both loved it an Tom has come so far since the early days of clinging to Teresa for dear life! We will miss you all. Thanks again.


John, Mandy, Becky & Tom



I want to say thank you to all the staff, I think that the bond Millie has with many of you is really special and, in my experience of child care, that is something quite unique many of you are like family to Millie and being away from you has been quite hard this last couple of weeks. She drew a picture of Clare bear at the weekend and put it up in her bedroom so she can still see Clare!

As I said I hope that she will be able to attend for holiday cover in the future - and let you all know how much Millie and I both miss you all - Rendlesham Day Nursery is a very special place and we both have fond memories of Millie's time there, you have all had a huge impact on her and I am sure that a lot of the credit I get for having such a polite intelligent and kind daughter is partially due to a very good grounding at an exceptional nursery.

Cerys (Millie's Mum)



All the carers and management at the nursery are children orientated, they are not just there to do a job; they love their job, genuinely care about the children, their education, welfare and ensuring they have a great time and if they gave out the equivalent star rating for nurseries as they do for hotels I would give them five stars, and with the new Bridge Farm Nursery soon to open this will have the same high quality and standards as Rendlesham currently has. I would not hesitate to recommend either of the nurseries.


Mrs S Parker



I can't thank you enough. I tried a few different childcare providers before coming to Rendlesham and Bridge Farm Day Nursery and the difference was outstanding. Every day when I collect my children, the staff tell me something funny the children have said or done, and they notice if they are off-colour, or excited about something. They tell me what the children have played with, how well they have eaten, and if they have reached a new milestone, such as writing their name.


I don't know how you do it, but every member of staff seems to really care about the children, and they all have a happy, sunny disposition. I recommend you to anyone and everyone who will listen!

Mrs S Evans



Thank you for all you have done for Oliver while he has been at nursery. He has loved his time here and I would like to say that all the staff have been fantastic and it has been a really positive experience for us all. I am really pleased that Oscar will now go through this nursery until he starts school. I would especially like to thanks Jo, Clare and Alisha who have been terrific with Oli and work really hard to make sure all the children are well looked after and happy.


Kind regards

Cath Benton



Well, where do I begin?! Hattie has been so happy at Nursery and has loved every minute. The loving, caring environment has helped Hatti to grow into a confident little girl.


As working parents it is invaluable to know that she has been cared for so fantastically and you all have been part of Hatti's adventure so far and she and us will miss you all very much. We hope you continue to be as great as you are today. Thank you!

All our love Hatti, Sharon & John



We would like to thank you both and all the staff at Rendlesham Day Nursery for the wonderful way of caring for our son, Victor, during the past year. The safe environment, the educational programme, the excellent healthy food and the professional manner in which the staff has looked after Victor has made it a significant impact on his develop willingness to help us with extra days for Theodor as well, has made our busy schedule a lot easier during the past year.


Once again many thanks for all your help with best wishes to you and your staff


Andrea Tocca



Callum has thoroughly enjoyed his seven months at the Day Nursery and the staff that have worked with him have been fantastic! I would certainly recommend Rendlesham Day Nursery to anybody! Many thanks.


Sharon Clarke



I can't believe Henry is leaving you for big school after being one of the first children to start in Toddler Room. You have a lovely team and it has been lovely to leave Henry with such caring and enthusiastic staff. Thanks for all your hard work. We will miss you all!


Jo, Kingsley, Henry and 'Noddy'!



I just wanted to send a quick email to say how astounded and delighted I am by how much progress Josh is making at Bridge Farm Day Nursery's preschool room! I can't believe he's already forming letters at 3, and the other morning out of nowhere he listed off all the months of the year to me! I am very grateful for all the hard work your preschool team is putting in!


Kind regards

Joanna Searle



A big thank you for the wonderful care you have given Annabelle during her 3 years at Nursery. The staff have always been wonderful, caring and fun and the nursery is a lovely bright environment. Annabelle has always been happy in your care and we are delighted with her early year’s education. Thank you to everyone and with much appreciation and sadness in leaving.


Susan Joy



James and I would like to thank you and your wonderful team for the amazing love and care you have given to Mia over the past 3 years. We have watched with you as she has developed from a shy 10 month old baby into a smiling and confident girl who is ready for school.


We will always remember fondly the very happy days she has spent with you here at Rendlesham and the great friendships she has made with children and teachers alike. We also sincerely wish you the very best in the future as you continue to help shape the lives of these little ones, ready for the Big Wide World!


With our love and thanks
Jane and James Cooper



To everyone at Bridge Farm Day Nursery


Thank you so much for looking after Sam so beautifully for the past two and a half years. He has thoroughly enjoyed his time here and Dan and I really appreciate all the time and effort you have given him to help him grow and flourish. His learning journey will be a treasured keep safe!

Thank you all again and much love

Emma, Dan & Sam



Dear Dan, Lorraine, Jo and team


I cannot believe the day has come for Amy to leave Bridge Farm Nursery and all it’s wonderful staff. We cannot thank you enough for all the support and encouragement that she has received and for helping her to become such a confident little girl. We have many happy memories of the past 2 years and have many positive thoughts that we will remember but if someone asked me "What is the one thing you would say about Bridge Farm Nursery?" it would be, "In 2 and a half years we received the most exceptional service and never had reason to moan or complain. We handed over the care of our daughter, the most precious thing ever to us and we are grateful for you looking after her so well." Thank you again.

Rob, Clare & Amy



Thank You very much for the care of Jasmine in the past 14 months, she has thoroughly enjoyed her stay with you, which gives us confidence and peace of mind at work. The girls in the Baby Room have been fantastic and the management of Rendlesham Day Nursery is truly professional


Jessica Briggs



Just to say how very much my child has enjoyed her time at Rendlesham Day Nursery and how she will miss you all when she isn't with you all day long! I have said before that I think the nursery staff are the best I have placed any of my children with and I genuinely mean it. The caring generous and friendly nature of the staff together with your combination of education and play has given her a wonderful start. I cannot praise the staff highly enough and would like to thank everyone at Rendlesham Day Nursery.


Miss C Shepherd



In the 15 months my daughter has attended Rendlesham Day Nursery she has come on immensely, especially over the last few months. This is of course credit to Nikki, Hannah and the other girls who have been fantastic. Being away from home and having no family support around can be hard at times, which is why I put Evie into nursery a day a week. Many thanks for all you've done and being so adaptable to our army lifestyle. I know not many businesses would have been so willing.


Sasha Milligan