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Whilst childminding Tina and Dan watched a documentary on nurseries and America and London who were installing webcams to reassure parents their children were safe and happy whilst they were at work. It was during a time when nurseries were getting a lot of negative publicity and they both felt that installing webcams would be a fantastic idea and enable parents to go to work in the knowledge they would be able to see their child in a few minutes. Every parent has a daily limit of 60 minutes access to the webcams, at 15 minute spells at a time.

We have webcams installed at our Bridge Farm and Rendlesham Nurseries.

If you are a new parent please click here to sign up to the nursery webcams which are available at the Rendlesham and Martlesham nurseries. The webcams are optional and should you wish to use them there is a one off charge of £50 for registration to the service. This will then allow you free access for your child's nursery room on the days and sessions that he/she will attend and also allow for any changes to sessions that you wish to make.


If you have already signed up please click on the link below that will take you to your log in page.

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